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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Erik's poems

Hello Everyone,

Erik is doing a creative writing Personal Project, and has agreed to have some of his poems published here online:

If it was old, it would be unwanted.
If it was young, it would be wanted.
If it was long, it would be looked up on.
If it was short, it would be looked down on.
If life was rich, it would have been cherished.
If life was bold, it would have been selfish.
If life would be defined, it would perish, for that
Life cannot be defined.

Death is relative.
It is natural and it is sure.
If you force it, it is unnatural.
If you want it, you are unnatural.
If you don’t want it , you are unnatural.
Death is not unnatural, it is a part of life.

What would it take,
To save someone’s life if yours is at stake?

In the seconds you have to decide,
If you sacrifice your own, or run and hide.

But if those seconds are not given,
Would you think right and chose the one worth liven?

Would you save your own, or save the other?
Would it be different if it were your brother?

Would it be different if the number was greater?
Would it be different if you could decide much later?

If your death was definite,
Would you then try to save even the smallest bit?

And a prose poem...

If you have reached everything and fulfilled all your goals, look into the mirror and
talk to whom you see. He will show you how he really feels about you and how he really thinks about you. He will trust in what you do and he will tell you if you’ve reached your highest point. So he will be the only thing you can trust, thus he is the only honest thing you will meet. He will be the only one to tell you if you have failed or succeeded, because the only way to succeed will to become friends with that person.

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At 9:45 AM, Blogger iamnasra said...

Thanks for sharing the poem of life it was great insight...I loved it..Good luck

At 1:54 AM, Blogger samrina said...

So true, a thought provoking poetry witha beautiful message, thnx for sharing it :)

Take care


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