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Saturday, October 22, 2005

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Broken Windmill: A Villanelle

The skyline eyesore, awkward, still,
The broken windmill stood alone,
No arms, aloof, no grain to mill.

The city's heart around it, still,
The hectic rush of traffic drone,
All passed it by, or wished it ill.

Armless, voiceless in the shrill
And raging urban tone,
No tilting knight would come to kill

The coiled and seething dragon, till
One day, with traffic cones and phones,
The workmen came, with bricks and powerdrill.

It started small, it is small still -
Salvation from stagnations's drone,
No arms, no fight, just "Yes, I will".

The windmill turns now, I as well.
I tilted, lance now sharp and honed.
The skyline I saw, awkward still,
My arms aloof know grain to mill.

Clare Krojzl

Conscious Living, or Life imitates Art

Oscar Wilde famously said that life imitates art. What do you think he meant by that?
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The Boy Who Heard Music

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Check out the new links!

Hey guys! Check out the new links: first, see you can now buy digital material online from (see the box link in the margin!) Second, check out the cool Poetry Guy link for some inspirational ideas about poetry! Many thanks to Ms Baker at the Salem College library for drawing our attention to Mr Scheu!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

My Beloved Spot by Max and Niki

Oh my beloved spot
I had you from summer to spring
You were the only thing I got

Even though you were on my butt,
You were a wonderful thing
Oh my beloved spot

Ever since you've gone I've thought
That there could be a way to bring
Back my beloved spot.

Very often we fought
And kept on going
Until you popped

Oh my beloved spot
If anything could bring
You back to my butt
I won't commit suicie on a parking lot.

I wish I could turn back time by Marilena and Coral

I can still remember it like it was yesterday
We were sitting there in the car
I wish I could turn back time

We had another stupid fight just like the other day
We hurt each other with unconscious words and cursed
I can't even put my feelings in a rhyme

There came a car racing in our way
Then there was a crash and you seemed so far
I wish I could turn back time

I did not know I would regret the things I say
In my mind my feelings are still at war
I can't even put my feelings in a rhyme

Then you are gone and I am left to pray
I still feel you are watching me from a bright star
I wish I could turn back time

Why do people understand the importance of things after they lose them one day?
Your loss has left in my heart a deep scar
I can't even put my feelings in a rhyme
I wish I could turn back time!

Hitler's Regrets by Yvonne and Yasemin

I should have gone the other way!
I should have kept the Jews alive,
Now in Hell I will always have to stay.

How could I just dare say?
What did I do, that made them do this crazy drive?
I should have gone the other way!

Why didn't I think during the day?
I was shocked, I heard the devil at my door arrive.
Now in Hell I will always have to stay.

Even though I heard so many Jews who pray,
To kill was just another habit in which I dived,
I should have gone the other way.

I killed them all and went away.
The massacre went on, killing millions, at least five.
Now in Hell I will always have to stay.

I regret what happened in this display,
I went so crazy that I didn't care about my wife.
I should have gone the other way!
Now in Hell I will always have to stay.

The New Come by Dominik and Juri

I lost the gum, when it come
When it come I lost the gum
I lost the gum when it come

In nine months time its baby time
A baby girl has come to life
And then it's party time

She had a lot of friends because of her pants
The baby grew like a kangaroo
She had a lot of friends, as many as her pants

With time she grew prettier and prettier
With time we became uglier and uglier
She life became colourful and easier

She got money working at Playboy
She became famous working in Hollywood
She became famous and happy like a small boy with a toy

Now the time has come for her guy to lose the gum
And nine months later...
The baby come

The Lesson is Boring by Louisa and Chris

The lesson is boring
Everyone is falling asleep
The rain is pouring

The poems are soaring
Our heads are falling too deep
The lesson is boring

We look at the flooring
And are counting the sheep
On the hillside. The rain is pouring

We are ignoring
The fact that we need to weep
Because the lesson is boring

We are storing
The poems in a heap
The rain is pouring

The pupils are roaring
And don't want to keep
The lesson so boring
The rain is pouring

Loss of Thoughts by Nico and Erik

I'm sitting here with nothing in mind,
No word, no sentence, not even a thought,
My head has something, but hard to find.

I have nothing, not a word to enlighten the blind,
A shame, if thoughts could be bought...
I'm sitting here with nothing in mind.

Should I write about football or gossip of any kind?
I can't concentrate, I need my thoughts caught,
My head has something, but hard to find.

It can't be difficult, I just need some lines to bind,
My battle with words has hardly been fought,
I'm sitting here with nothing in mind.

I can't just do nothing, I'm having my words timed
My god, who wants these words a lot,
But... I'm sitting here with nothing in mind,
My head has something, but hard to find.

It Seemed to be Alright by Clara and Alix

Why didn't you tell me?
What was wrong all day and night?
Everything seemed to be alright.

Should I have trusted thee?
What wasn't alright?
I should have known.

Do you remember us sitting under the tree?
Should I have noticed what wasn't alright?
Everything seemed to be alright.

Was I so blind I couldn't see?
Was I looking from the wrong sight?
I should have known.

I can't hate you for what you've done,
'Cause deep inside
I should have known,
But it seemed alright.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Money: a Villanelle by Chang and Alex

I lost my money
To those drunken gangs
And it's not funny.

Now I can't buy honey
Wandering the night, I cry with pangs,
I lost my money.

Tomorrow it will be sunny,
But I don't give a dang,
And it's not funny.

Without a penny
I have no bangs
I lost my money.

Now I have to hunt a bunny
Bunny with those sharpened fangs,
And it's not so funny.

This poem is punny
And written by Alex and Changs,
I lost my money
And it's not funny.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Welcome to the Salem Poetry weblog!

This blog is dedicated to readers and writers of poetry at Schule Schloss Salem in Germany, especially for students in the Pre-IB program at the Middle School.

Our first feature is on the Villanelle, a poetry form which originated in rural Italy in the Middle Ages before being adopted in France.